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Our Philosophy

Campus Canyon College Preparatory Academy offers each student an opportunity to find and develop his or her unique profile of gifts and talents. Based on the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), developed by Drs. Joeseph Renzulli and Sally Reis at the University of Connecticut, the major goal of the school is to provide challenging, in-depth, enjoyable learning experiences. This collaborative school culture focuses on the development of talents in all students and provides a wide range of advanced level enrichment activities. The ways in which students respond to these enrichment experiences are used as stepping stones for follow up advanced learning and in-depth projects and investigations.


The school culture celebrates individuality and diversity to develop creative problem solvers who feel they can make a difference in the world. SEM provides both the pedagogy of enrichment learning and teaching that provides rigorous instruction to motivate and challenge students, along with a continuum of services that takes full advantage of the expertise of the staff and the resources of the community and parents to provide advanced opportunities for students both in and outside of the regular curriculum.

Our College Connection with the neighboring Moorpark College, as well as becoming a Professional Development School with California Lutheran University, provides our students with authentic opportunities to interact with and learn from college professors and students. The development of partnerships with local college institutions enriches and reinforces grade level standards through updated best practices. This connection further demonstrates and models the concept of life-long learning. It is the expectation that all Campus Canyon Academy students will go to college and that all are expected to achieve at a level of academic performance that will enable them to succeed at the nation's best high schools and institutions of h
igher learning.